The Power of Telling Your Story – Conversation with Sandra Marinella [Episode 15]

The Power of Telling Your Story – Conversation with Sandra Marinella [Episode 15]

The stories we tell (and don’t tell) shape our identity as individuals and as a society. Our guest, author and educator Sandra Marinella, guides people in writing their stories to help heal from trauma, illness and loss. Join us as we discuss the importance of story in our lives, and how writing can help you heal. Sandra shares insights into the healing process and tips on how you can utilize writing as a transformational tool. We also touch on the recent #metoo movement and how sharing our stories can impact our local and global communities, and much more!

Sandra Marinella is an award-winning writing teacher and author of The Story You Need To Tell, published by New World Library. She has taught thousands of students and fellow educators and presented hundreds of workshops to veterans, teachers, writers and cancer patients about the power of our personal stories and writing to heal, grow and transform our lives.

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The Power of Telling Your Story – Conversation with Sandra Marinella [Episode 15]


Special Guest: Sandra Marinella

Creator and Host: Ashton Szabo

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Sandra Marinella

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Ashton’s mission in life is to empower others to live more meaningful lives through a deeper understanding of themselves. He began studying yoga as a young boy at the age of twelve, while already immersed in martial arts since he was five years old. In 2006, at the age of twenty-six, he left for the Far East and spent the next six and a half years traveling the world, learning from yogis, holy men, shaman and anyone else with insight into the nature of reality, convinced he was on the path to become a monk. Everything changed when he met his eventual wife, Kristi, and they had a beautiful daughter together: Sequoia. Being a parent also changed Ashton’s perspective on living in the world. He moved back to the United States with the intention of making the world a better place for this and future generations. He now lives with his family in Grass Valley, California where he, in addition to teaching locally, creates online courses and podcasts to share what he has learned with the world.

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