The Life of Alan Watts – Conversation with Anne and Joan Watts [Episode 20]

The Life of Alan Watts – Conversation with Anne and Joan Watts [Episode 20]

Alan Watts was a philosopher, writer, and public speaker known for his lucidity in explaining Eastern philosophy in a very accessible way to Western audiences. He was a big part of the counter cultural movement of the 60’s, and with the rise of digital media there has been a surge of interest in his work through countless recorded audio and video lectures, as well as his books and writings.

Join us for an intimate look into the life of the iconic Alan Watts, as we talk with two of his daughters, Anne and Joan Watts. We discuss the life of their father, things they learned growing up with him, and the impact he’s had on their lives. Joan and Anne very candidly discussed who he was as a person and a father, and the struggles of living a spiritual life in the modern world.

This was a deeply personal interview for me. I first found Alan’s work when I was in highschool learning about Taoism. When I traveled abroad, I had countless hours of lectures that I listened to on my iPod, and to this day, I still listen to his lectures regularly. I wanted to know more about the person behind the writing and lectures. Who was he as a father? What were his struggles and successes? This interview was more intimate than any I’ve done before, but I hope it gives a inside look into the life of this iconic and treasured man.

Anne and Joan recently released a book of collected letters from their father: The Collected Letters of Alan Watts, published by New World Library, and it’s available wherever books are sold.

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The Life of Alan Watts – Conversation with Anne and Joan Watts [Episode 20]


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