Story Telling

Stories from Ashton Szabo on the Sivana Podcast

A Saraswati Story

Hanuman and the Golden Mango

A Kali Story

A Hanuman Story and the Story of Chandra

A Ganesha Story

Ganesha Mini Series [Part I]

The Perils of Consumption – Ganesha Mini Series [Part II]

The Meaning of Wisdom – Ganesha Mini Series [Part III]

The Hidden Power of Ancient Mythology – A Vishnu Story

Connect To Something Larger Than Yourself – Story of Narasimha

Obstacles on the Spiritual Path – A Hanuman Story

Accepting Life As It Is [Part I] – Nachiketas and Intimacy with Death

Accepting Life As It Is [Part II] – Shiva and the Stranger

The Spiritual Journey and Evolution of Yoga – Story of Viveka

Understanding Our Relationship With The Material World – A Lakshmi Story

Burning Pride – A Hanuman Story

The Doom of Parikshit and Why Too Much Pride Can Kill You

How Thoughts Can Sabotage Your Life – Story of Utanka

Why You’ve Been Cursed (And Blessed) To Forget Who You Are – A Hanuman Story

Three Children’s Tales

Angry For the Right Reason – Story of Shiva and the Warrior

Why We Fail – Story of the Swordsman and the Cat