Anatomy of a Great Yoga Teacher – 100hr Online Mentorship Program – Starts January 1st 2017

Anatomy of a Great Yoga Teacher – 100hr Online Mentorship Program – Starts January 1st 2017


Receive Personalized Instruction from anywhere in the world!

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Receive Personalized Instruction from anywhere in the world!

In all the work that I have done with yoga teachers over the last few years, one of the things has is most obvious is the lack of continuing education and mentorship opportunities for teachers. Once a teacher completes their 200hr YTT, the only real option most teachers have is to explore possible 500hr trainings, and even those tend to just rehash and repackage a lot of the same information they got on their 200hr with a small expansion into new topics. Despite yoga being passed down through close and extended relationships between teacher and student, yoga teachers today often only get a few opportunities to study with their teachers in a setting other than a public class room. This Online Mentorship Program seeks to change all of that.

In this Six Month Program, you will participate in live webinars and discussions, weekly check-ins and office hours, downloadable videos and audio tracks that you can watch on your own time that cover a wide range of topics relevant to the practice and teaching of yoga.

Technology’s ability to connect us has radically improved over recent years. And just because we don’t live in the same town, doesn’t mean we can’t connect on a real level. Through group video calls, live webinars and chats, as well as online group chats, you’ll not only have regular contact with me throughout the whole process, but have access to the support and feedback of everyone participating in this and future immersions.

Do you have a busy schedule? The course is available 24/7 so you can study and do your work entirely around your own schedule! And even though there are lots of live opportunities, they will be recorded so you can watch them at your leisure if you can’t attend live.

Topics Covered:

  • In-depth exploration of Human Anatomy
  • Myofascial Meridians and their consequences in Yoga
  • Refined Body-reading and Analysis Techniques
  • Anatomical Sequencing
  • How to create relevant themes
  • Holding and guiding space
  • Language-ing and cue-ing
  • The Business of Yoga
  • Advanced Pranayama Techniques, including Ekadasi (a powerful, life altering 11-day breathing technique)
  • How to incorporate philosophy and mythology into your classes
  • Voice, Tone and Pitch
  • How to teach postures you can’t do yourself
  • How to teach advanced pranayama and meditation techniques
  • And MUCH more…!

Course Includes:

  • Monthly Live Webinars (will be recorded for those who can’t attend live)
  • Weekly group discussions and office hours
  • Weekly assignments
  • Monthly Quizzes
  • Downloadable video and audio modules

Price: $1000

Space is limited to ensure personalized attention. Sign up right away!

(A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to save your space)

(Payment plans are available)

(Save $100 if you pay in full before December 1st 2016)


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