Five Minute Meditation

Five Minute Meditation

Most people I meet tell me they don’t have the time to meditate, because they assume that 1) you need to know “how” and 2) that it takes lots of time. Let me start off by saying that there are PLENTY of techniques that help lead you towards a meditative state. There is no right way, or one way. There are different techniques that work better for some and not for others.


The simplest thing you can do is sit comfortable and “witness” your experience. Notice your breath. Notice your thoughts. Notice your sensations. Notice everything you notice, WITHOUT changing it, judging it, trying to suppress it, etc. Just witness. That’s it. That simple act can lead to profound understandings about the nature of our mind and our relationship to it.


Another simple technique is using mantra. Now there are near infinite mantra out there. If you have a mantra you already use, I encourage you to continue to use it. This video below uses a simple “AUM” sound with a drone in the background. So you can AUM along if you like, or simply enjoy the vibrations of AUM. Try sitting comfortably, turn on the AUMing video, and either AUM along with me for five minutes, or sit still and witness your experience. Do this right after you wake up in the morning, and after JUST a week or two, you’ll begin to notice some profound shifts in your over all state of being.


I hope you enjoy!


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Ashton’s mission in life is to empower others to live more meaningful lives through a deeper understanding of themselves. He began studying yoga as a young boy at the age of twelve, while already immersed in martial arts since he was five years old. In 2006, at the age of twenty-six, he left for the Far East and spent the next six and a half years traveling the world, learning from yogis, holy men, shaman and anyone else with insight into the nature of reality, convinced he was on the path to become a monk. Everything changed when he met his eventual wife, Kristi, and they had a beautiful daughter together: Sequoia. Being a parent also changed Ashton’s perspective on living in the world. He moved back to the United States with the intention of making the world a better place for this and future generations. He now lives with his family in Grass Valley, California where he, in addition to teaching locally, creates online courses and podcasts to share what he has learned with the world.

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