A Kali Story – In Honor of Navaratri

In honor of Navaratri, an Indian Festival that Celebrates the Goddess over 9-Nights, I am posting transcripts of stories about the Goddess that I told on the Sivana Podcast a few years ago. Which particular forms of the Goddess that are celebrated differs in various parts and traditions of India. In some traditions, the first […]

Can Neuroscience and Technology Help You Move Smarter, Run Faster and Stretch Further – Conversation with Dr. Daniel Chao, CEO of Halo Neuroscience [Episode 09]

Technology has truly revolutionized our lives in the modern era. We have technology that allows us to organize our lives more efficiently, speak with people across the planet, help a failing heart beat, photograph the depths of the human body inwardly and explore the cosmos outwardly, and much more. But can technology help you perform [...]

Top Five(ish) Yoga Anatomy Books

  Ok!! Being a Yoga Anatomy Teacher, I take my yoga anatomy books seriously. Here is a list of books I recommend every teacher read and get familiar with. The list might shock some, as the top five don’t include two of the classics that have been around for a long time. I will include […]