[Episode 01] Tantric Jesus – Conversation with Rev. James Hughes Reho

Throughout history, there have  been many interpretations of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Many of the early Christians viewed the ideal christian life  in a very different way than how it is more commonly viewed today. By reading the writings of early christian mystics, monks, priests and non canonical christian texts, we [...]

Five Minute Meditation

Most people I meet tell me they don’t have the time to meditate, because they assume that 1) you need to know “how” and 2) that it takes lots of time. Let me start off by saying that there are PLENTY of techniques that help lead you towards a meditative state. There is no right […]

Top Five(ish) Yoga Anatomy Books

  Ok!! Being a Yoga Anatomy Teacher, I take my yoga anatomy books seriously. Here is a list of books I recommend every teacher read and get familiar with. The list might shock some, as the top five don’t include two of the classics that have been around for a long time. I will include […]

Five Books Every Yoga Teacher Should Read

Five Books Every Yoga Teacher Should Read I want to start by commenting that there are tons of sacred texts, yoga history and philosophy books that yoga teachers can and should read. This list is meant as an overall range of books that will help the modern yoga teacher. I don't mean the yogi wanting [...]

Website launch!!

Hey all!! I’ll be posting regularly here, so check back often!   For now, here is a video I made today for our website launch!   [s3video url=”” responsive=”on” /]