The Art of Connection – Conversation with Michael Gelb [Episode 14]

What do connection, communication and creativity have in common? Join us with our special guest Michael Gelb, as he explains ways we can all deepen our relationships, with our selves and others, cultivate leadership in our lives and unlock the latent creativity within us all. The world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking [...]

A Kali Story – In Honor of Navaratri

In honor of Navaratri, an Indian Festival that Celebrates the Goddess over 9-Nights, I am posting transcripts of stories about the Goddess that I told on the Sivana Podcast a few years ago. Which particular forms of the Goddess that are celebrated differs in various parts and traditions of India. In some traditions, the first […]

Health Update and Two Stories for Perspective [Episode 12]

Back from an unexpected summer hiatus, I want to give everyone a quick update on my health, and share two stories that have helped me keep perspective during these difficult times. --- Anatomy of Living Podcast with Ashton Szabo Health Update and Two Stories for Perspective [Episode 12] Credits: Creator and Host: Ashton Szabo Intro and [...]

Gut Heath and the Environment – Conversation with Dr. Zach Bush [Episode 11]

With recent discoveries in medical science, we are realizing that gut health is more important than we could have ever imagined. It's vital in our overall health and it impacts and is impacted by our internal and external ecosystems. Join us with special guest Dr. Zach Bush, as we explore the latest understandings of gut health, [...]

Leadership & Spirituality – Conversation with Joshua Spodek [Episode 10]

What do x-ray satellites, writing, learning, leadership, art, burpees, entrepreneurship and marathons have to do with one another? They are all part of the diverse life of our special guest: Joshua Spodek. He has led seminars in leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity and sales at Harvard, Princeton, MIT, INSEAD (Singapore), the New York Academy of Science, and [...]

Can Neuroscience and Technology Help You Move Smarter, Run Faster and Stretch Further – Conversation with Dr. Daniel Chao, CEO of Halo Neuroscience [Episode 09]

Technology has truly revolutionized our lives in the modern era. We have technology that allows us to organize our lives more efficiently, speak with people across the planet, help a failing heart beat, photograph the depths of the human body inwardly and explore the cosmos outwardly, and much more. But can technology help you perform [...]

How To Create Harmony Amidst the Chaos For A Blissful Pregnancy and Childbirth – Conversation with Bailey Gaddis [Episode 08]

Pregnancy is a time for large transformations. Bodies change and bodies are grown. People grow physically, mentally and emotionally. It can be a very powerful time for everyone involved, but it can also be a difficult and stressful time. How does one hold onto their center during the chaotic moments of pregnancy and childbirth? How [...]